Hydroponic Grow bags

Hydroponic Grow Bags are available in different sizes and different qualities specially customized for each plant. Our agricultural consultants carefully studied about required EC levels, Moisture levels, PH levels for plants and made specific grow bags .

We pre-cut drainage and planting holes, and pre-drill dripper holes according to your requirements. We also offer customized Grow Bag sizes.

Our coco peat hydroponic grow bags proven and reliable with over 10 million grow bags in production at any one time. They are trusted by growers from 31 countries all over the world.

Grow Bags are packed in special UV protected polyethylene film U.V. Treated (3 years) for specific crop and production cycle requirements.

Crops mainly grow in our grow bags

Bulk Hydroponic System For Leafy vegetables

We have been studying about the growth of leafy vegetables for 25 years. We have specially customized hydroponic solutions for leafy vegetables. Our methods will save 90% of water and assure you the 2X crops

Common leafy vegetables grow in our Bulk Hydroponic system