25KG coco peat bales

It is a product of coconut. Coir peat is used as a perfect organic medium to recondition soil in horticulture to germinate seeds cutting, seeding and plants. There is no water logging in the root zone due to its high pore space of soil and air filled porosity of can be easily wetted and re wetted. Coir peat is a completely natural product and it is environmentally acceptable from its sources through processing to end use.

Weight : 25kg +/- 100 g
Size : 80X40X33 CM
Compression EC : Ratio: 2:1 Below 1ms 1:5 Dry afterpress
Moisture : <30%
Packing : Individually packaged in white Polythine bags
Container Utilization : Number of Bales per 40' HC: 615

Mostly used in

5KG Blocks

In order to cater the diversified demands of our clients, we have been able to provide a unique range of 5 Kg Coco Peat Block

Weight : 5kg +/- 100 g
Size : 30X30X15 +/-2 cm
Compression EC : 5:1
Moisture : <20%
Packing : 224X20 pallets/4480 Bales/22.0 MT
Container Utilization : 1 X 40’H/C container

Mostly used in

Coco Peat Bricks

Coco peat briquettes specially made for retail market and retail Nurseries can be found in the supermarkets with handy portable package.

Block dimension : 30 x 30 x 15 cm
Weight : 650g
Size : 20x10x5 cm +/- 0.5
Compression EC : 8:1
Capacity : 5 - 7 L
Break out Volume : 3 - 5 L
Load per 20' FCL : 13 MT
Load per 40' FCL : 26 MT
Packing : On buyer’s requirements

Machine Twisted Fibre (FMT)

Machine Twisted Fibre (FMT) is made with natural Coir Fibre. Our product is made from natural Fibre taken from Coconut husk, cleaned and twisted into Coils. They are mainly used in Spring Mattresses in the Bedding Industry, Automobile Upholstery ( Car Cushions /Seats ) Industry, Filtering material in the Drainage Industry and much more

Product Name Twisted per Meter Packing Weight Moisture Loadability
Machine Twisted fiber (FMT) 60-70 In Coils 22-26 Kgs Net per Standard Coil
120-125 Kgs Net per Mega Coil
Less than 18% Meter reading 22 M/ton per 40' HC Container and 10 M/ton per 20' GP Container

Coco Pots

• Produced from rubberised coir
• Suitable for nurseries as well as domestic gardening
• Supports better plant growth compared to plastic pots due to better root aeration
• Faster growth & less fertilizer usage owing to minimal weed growth
• Biodegradability allows plants to be replanted on the ground including the pot
• Available in varying colours, shapes and sizes


A geotextile fabric is a material that is utilized in foundations, earth, rocks, and soil. It is also referred to as erosion control cloth, filter fabric, support membrane, and civil engineering cloth. This fabric is used in a variety of applications. Geotextile fabrics are available in both woven and unwoven